Real Estate in Calgary

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If you are, where do you begin? There are so many Realtors and too many website to surf!!! Have you ever searched online for Calgary real estate agents? If you have hopefully you came across The Cliff Stevenson Group. This Group is there to help you buy or sell real estate in Calgary, but also share other sites to assist you as a customer...find exactly what you are looking for. I found The Cliff Stevenson Group's website very easy to navigate. The tabs on the top of their web page are very simply labeled and when scrolled over have nice drop down menus. I just wish the words were a little bigger (or maybe I am just getting older). I think the buying and selling tips are a gold mine to help everyone get what they deserve for their property or soon to be property. And the featured property section at the bottom of the web page is eye catching. It lets you see right away a few of the beautiful properties that are for sale or just sold. I like that the price of the property is also shown right away. The Cliff Stevenson Group, is one of the Calgary real estate companies that really makes purchasing or selling a home a breeze. These Calgary real estate agents know exactly what they are doing and it really shows in their work. Their team consists of four employees which makes dealing with them more personalized. All four Calgary real estate agents – Cliff Stevenson, Dawn Seymour, Mike Ehrman, and Sandra Wiebe – are licensed and have years of experience under their belts. They are pleasant to deal with and are knowledgeable about Calgary real estate. The Cliff Stevenson Group will provide you with expert advice that can help you decide which home would be the best fit for you and your family. If you are a homeowner who is planning to sell your home they are able to provide you with advice that will help you get a very good deal. The real estate agents at The Cliff Stevenson Group are always prompt and professional. When dealing with this real estate company you will feel like they are your friends and not your Calgary real estate agents because of the vibe that they give off. If you need real estate agents who have your best interest in mind The Cliff Stevenson Group comes highly recommended. They are ethical and explain the entire Calgary real estate process to all of their clients. The Cliff Stevenson Group is very easy to contact as well. You can contact them via email, mobile phone, or their office line. These real estate agents are even active in social media. It is safe to say that they are the Calgary real estate agents that are more than willing to go the extra mile to keep their customers satisfied. Stop by their website,, and check out all that they have to offer. You will find the website to be very easy to navigate and also very informative. Each agent provides a brief background about themselves so you can make sure that they have the credentials that you are seeking in your Calgary real estate agents.

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Remédio para caganeira

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Entra um senhor desesperado na farmácia e grita:
- Rápido, me dê algo para a diarréia! Urgente!
O dono da farmácia, que era novo no negócio, fica muito nervoso e lhe dá o remédio errado: um remédio para acalmar os nervos.
O senhor, com muita pressa pega o remédio e vai embora.
Horas depois, chega novamente o senhor que estava com diarréia, e o farmacêutico lhe diz:
- Mil desculpas senhor. Creio que por engano lhe dei um medicamento para os nervos, ao invés de algum remédio contra a diarréia. Como o senhor está se sentindo?
O senhor responde:
- Cagado... mas tô tranqüilo.

Windows Braile Version

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Windows Vista

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