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With increasing population, the resource that the world desperately needs an abundance of water. There is a high demand for residential water that is used for cooking, cleaning and irrigation purposes. Besides domestic use, gallons of water are needed in industry. Water conservation is the need of the hour. Fortunately for humanity, the rainwater is one of the available natural resources in a consistent manner. Every year, there is abundant supply of rain water, that if they can find many of our needs. Water conservation can be easily done by rainwater harvesting, it is an effective way to reduce the use of water for domestic purposes and to overcome the problem of water scarcity. One of the techniques of collecting rainwater is the use of rain barrels. A rain barrel is a water tank that is used to collect and store rainwater, usually through roof gutters. Currently, there are many types of barrels of rain water that we see on the market.

You know what is the meaning of rain harvesting? I only know about the harvesting of crops and fruits, but I never heard of harvesting rain. Whatever it is, rain barrels must have something to do with it. Outside of Malaysia, when the rainy season is coming, will be a lot of barrels of rain water for sale. Harvesting rainwater can be done on a small scale, as well as a large scale. Harvesting of rain on a small scale is usually done in homes where rain barrels are placed strategically around the house and can be used to water gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, washing machines, washing cars, and also to drink, especially when other sources of water are expensive, unavailable or of poor quality. Install rain water barrels to harvest is not a difficult task. You can get cheaper and good quality residential and commercial Barrels and Rain Water Harvesting equipment from some of the best-sellers as SimplyRainBarrels ( and you can start saving the precious drops of rain. SimplyRainBarrels has the largest selection of rain barrels for sale and you can select the barrels on the basis of your choice and budget.

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